Vegan Protein Green Man - 400g

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a water lentil protein and pea is a product of the green man, line elaborate with organic raw materials, cruelty free, source of vegan proteins and with High fiber content.

It also contains excellent protein quality and optimal amino acid profile (including essential amino acids - those that the body is not able to produce) and can be used to replace animal protein by vegetarians, vegan, athletes, activity practitioners physics, elderly or anyone who aims to maintain and / or gain muscle mass.


Water lentil protein, pea protein, polydextrose, flavoring, emulsifying xanthan gum, Esteviol glucose and acidic acidulant citric acid. Contains no lactose. Contains gluten.

How to Consume Water Lentil Protein and Peas Green Man ?

Dilute a measured spoon (20g) into 150ml of water, throughout the day or according to the orientation of the doctor or nutritionist. Important that your consumption is allied to balanced diet and healthy life habits.

Lentil protein

In addition to presenting good protein quality, the water lentil protein is a sustainable option as it is produced through water lentils, planted in high-income aquatic farms recycling 98% of water used. It has 50% protein, in addition to high concentrations of essential amino acids, 40% fibers, omega 3, vitamins and minerals.

Pea protein

Studies demonstrate that the pea protein has great nutritional quality, with high bioavailability and a 92.8% digestibility index, value similar to that of soy proteins, egg and casein. In addition, it has a great profile of amino acids, highlighting leucine, glutamine and arginine.

Pea protein and hypertrophy

A scientific survey aimed to evaluate the effect of 25g pea protein supplementation, whey protein or placebo on muscle strength and brachial biceps thickness in people unlearned after 12 weeks of training. As a result, they have shown that, associated with strength training, pea protein significantly increased the thickness of the brachial biceps when compared to the placebo group.

Thus, pea protein, when coupled with strength training, can stimulate muscle protein synthesis similar to whey protein supplementation, and may reflect in the long term in hypertrophy.

Other benefits

In addition to being a great ally for those who seek hypertrophy, studies point out that pea protein is extremely efficient for increasing satiety, favoring the weight loss process.

Research also suggest that pea metabolization can generate bioactive peptides with different functional properties, including antioxidant action, improvement of gastrointestinal function and blood pressure treatment (by inhibiting angiotensin converting enzyme).