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Product Description: BLACKSKULL USA ™ brings your Mass Gainer MONSTROUS. It is done especially for those who want to gain weight with quality. Monstrous consists of a nano nutrient mix that provides 1000 calories per portion. It also has 52g of protein (whey protein concentrated + whey protein isolated casein + calcium caseinate) and 193g of carbohydrates (maltodextrin + modified potato starch) per dose and only 1.9g of fat. Monstrous came to ensure mass gain really monstrously! Recommended the consumption of 260g (3 Scoops) once a day.
Ingredients: maltodextrin, isolated milk serum protein, corn starch, modified potato starch, milk serum concentrated protein, micellar casein, calcium caseinate, cocoa powder, flavoring, emulsifying soy lecithin, salt and sweetolcorante sucralose . Gluten Free
Suggested Use: Recommended the consumption of 260g (3 Scoops) once a day.