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The most skull pre-training on the market! BONE CRUSHER® by Eduardo Correa of ​​Black Skull USA ™ brings an ultra-concentrated formula with creatine, arginine, taurine and caffeine designed to provide explosive energy, focus , strength and maximum performance. You will have amazing levels of vascularization, energy and a gain you could never reach before. Bone Crusher® has become a new level of pre-training.
Creatine monohydrate, L-arginine, taurine, caffeine Anhydrous, maltodextrin, flavoring, acidulant citric acid, anti-anticipant Silicon dioxide, sweetener sucralose, artificial coloring yellow tartrazin. Do not contain gluten. 
How to consume BONE CRUSHER®? 
Mix 1 spoon measured (5G) from Bone Crusher® in 150ml of cold water before training, and consume once a day or according to the guidance of a specialized professional. Your consumption should be combined with balanced diet and physical activity practice. 
What are pre-training? 
The pre-workry supplement is a supplement that has some ingredients that, together provides more energy, improvement of force, more focus and increased intensity and training income. Where it usually has caffeine (improvement of cognition, focus and performance), taurine (increases resistance performance, increasing human muscle capacity for prolonged periods), arginine (vasodilation) and creatine (increase of force and ATP strength). 
Who uses this type of add-in, want to achieve a goal more quickly and more effectively. 
This goal may be greater energy supply to be spent during physical activity practices, especially the most intense, or nutrients that favor muscle gain.