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PALATINOSE® by Eduardo Correa of ​​BLACKSKULL USA™ is a highly digestible carbohydrate supplement that provides energy in large quantity for achieving an intense workout without causing peak glycemia. This product allows the athlete to have energy for much longer and favors the gain of lean mass . When ingested before exercise, studies point out that it favors fat burning and helps in body training. Ingredients: isomaltulose. Do not contain gluten.
How to use: 
Mix 2 tablespoons (15g) from Palatinose® in 150ml of water and consume once a day or according to guidance of a specialized professional. Your consumption must be allied with physical activity practice and healthy eating.
The isomaltulose, known by the Palatinose ™ trade name, is considered to be a slow but fully digestible carbohydrate with low glycemic index (Ig). Thus, isomaltulose is gaining interest among food manufacturers and health professionals. This review discusses chemical and physiological properties and provides updates on its potential health effects. 
The oxidation of fats and carbohydrates was lower in athletes (n = 13) that consumed palatinosis compared to maltodextrin before a resistance exercise due to its smaller properties, availability and low glycemic index. Addition of palatinosis to the serum protein of milk demonstrated to assist in post-exercise recovery and the researchers reported reductions in the indicators of muscle damage and better athletic performance (Kraemer et al., 2015). Pallatinose pre-workout consumption in individuals with type 1 diabetes mellitus (DM1) presented improvement in glycemic responses during and after exercise, as well as improved lipid oxidation in recent stages of the year compared to the group that was given 75 g of dextrose West, Morton, et al., 2011). Palatinose is a slowly digested sugar. Physical-chemical properties satisfactorily replace sucrose in a wide variety of food products. The property is in the clinical application in improving glycemic control, sporting and cognitive performance.