NEW BONE CRUSHER NITRO 2T - Pre-workout 300g

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The BONE CRUSHER NITRO 2T by Eduardo Correa  is a pre-workout compound by creatine, arginine, taurine, and caffeine, ideal for giving a boost in your workout routine and enhancing your results! Because it is a pre-training of sublingual use (such as suggestion), its absorption is even faster compared to the oral route. This is because the mucosal of the sublingual region are highly vascularized by blood capillaries, presenting a highly effective absorption, perfect for a true skull! 
Creatine monohydrate, L-arginine, Peruvian maca flour powder, taurine, anhydrous caffeine, flavorings, acidity regulators: potassium bicarbonate, soda bicarbonate and sodium carbonate, acidulant citric acid, antipetting silicon dioxide, sweetening Sucralose and yellow artificial dye Tartrazine. Allergic: May contain peanuts and soy derivatives, milk, egg and wheat. It does not contain lactose. Contains gluten.
How to use it:
Place 2 tablespoons (11g) under the tongue, wait a maximum of a minute and take 150ml of water once a day, 5 minutes before training. Recommendation for adults over 19 years of age.
Often used in sports nutrition, creatine is mainly related to energy metabolism, that is, its deficiency in corporal inventories can cause limitation of physical performance, especially in athletes of modalities involving explosive force (eg power lifting, basketball, football) or muscle gain (in modalities such as bodybuilding). Studies also point out that creatine contributes to increasing strength, resistance, and muscle gain!
Arginine is an amino acid that contributes to the improvement of physical performance per probable reduction of muscle fatigue, in addition to being also associated with the improvement of the contrary force by increasing the synthesis of muscle proteins.
TaurineSome studies have demonstrated ergogenic effect of taurine supplementation in athletes, such as performance and exhaust time, as well as higher volume of cardiac ejection and maximum load. Thus, the loss of taurine by the muscle could affect muscle performance significantly. 
Caffeine changes the perception of effort, in addition to increasing muscle contraction, being then widely used to improve performance during training. In addition, it also assists in increasing the state of alert and improving concentration. 
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