MASS GAINER® GOURMET SERIES®- Gourmet Mass Gainer - 3kg

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The MASS GAINER® GOURMET SERIES  line is the new Black Skull USA ™ supplement, containing quality ingredients that promote gain and muscle building, offering more energy and strength. With 12 grams of proteins, 138 grams of carbohydrates, and 616 calories per dose. The mass gainer who will bring the dough gain with an incredible gourmet flavor! 
Ingredients: Maltodextrin, concentrated milk serum protein, cocoa powder, flavoring, thickening xanthan gum, and sweetener sucralose. GLUTEN-FREE
How to use it:
Dissolve 16 tablespoons (approx 160g) in 400 ml of water or according to the desired consistency, once a day or according to the guidance of an enabled professional. 
What is a MASS GAINER?
Mass Gainer is the ideal food supplement for those who intend to gain weight. Usually, these supplements have in their composition large amounts of carbohydrates and proteins and low amounts of fat.
Ideal to increase the daily caloric size, which does not suit only feeding, from a practitioner of beginner physical activity needing to increase the daily calories for weight gain up to a high-income athlete, where it does not supply calorie consumption only with feeding. 
The suggestion for use of this supplement would be in the course of the day, together with a specific diet for the desired goal, and can put on intermediate meals (morning snack and afternoon snack) or really depending on the athlete's need and Of course, together with a nutritionist. 
What are carbohydrates?
Carbohydrates are considered a macronutrient, where its structure is formed by carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen, absorbed in the pancreas, its main function is to generate energy. Carbohydrates are classified according to your glycemic index, but what is it? If the high glycemic index (one or two glucose molecules, where this carbohydrate reaches a peak of insulin, being of rapid absorption because it is a smaller molecule and causing a rebound, such as drowsiness) or if it is the low glycemic index ( Four or more glucose molecules, does not reach the insulin peak, absorption is slower due to being a larger and harder molecule breaking, and does not cause the rebound).
As this macronutrient has as the main function, generating energy, there is a number of types, both high glycemic index (dextrose, maltodextrin, palatinose) and the low glycemic index (Waxy Maize, D-ribose). It can be indicated to use it before, during, and after training, depending on your goal and the nutritionist's indication.