ISOLON® - Whey Isolated and Casein - 907g

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BLACKSKULL USA™ ISOLON® by Eduardo Correa, is a supplement that has in its Whey Protein Isolated composition, a protein that has a fast absorption and Casein Micellar, a Protein derived from the same raw material, but having a slower absorption, making the product ideal for consumption for long periods without feeding, as before you go to bed for example, avoiding the fasting and guaranteeing nutrition with the best sources of proteins on the market, where it has protein protein and 5.9g of bcaa per dose! Ingredients:  Isolated milk serum protein, micellar casein, flavoring and sucralose sweetenchorant. Gluten Free.
How to consume Isolon®?
Mix 1 spoon measured (35 g) in 120 to 180ml water or according to the desired consistency and consume once a day or according to the orientation of a nutrition.
Whey protein isolated
The whey protein isolated is a supplement obtained from the filtration of the, and it differs by high concentration of proteins and Its purity - at least 90% per portion - and by the absence of fat and carbohydrates (lactose) in its formulation, recommended for nutrition shortly after training.

Casein Micellar 
A CASEIN is milk protein, one of the most nutritious proteins being formed by a wide variety of amino acids . The great benefit that supplementation of casein can offer absorption. Because it is also a product of high biological value, with 80% purity, presents a slower absorption to other protein supplements, (due to low solubility that presents, this protein form "micelles" - aggregates molecules that coagulate in the stomach, forming large a kind of gel (protein blood cells). This particular aggregation causes its digestion and, consequently, its absorption, are much slower than that of other proteins.) Be recommended Nutrition at times where there is a 'blank gap' in the day, in relation to food, as before bed or shortly after waking up. 
Chocolate flavor EXPIRTAION DATE: 02/13/2021