Hydrolisys - 907g (Whey Protein Isolated Hydrolyzed)

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The Hydrolysis® by Eduardo Correa from Black Skull USA ™ , is a whey protein with higher degree of purity and refining, where whey protein isolated Passes a hydrolysis process, breaking the protein molecules, leaving them in the form of peptides, generating Whey hydrolyzed protein , specially developed for athletes wishing to reach the top with the best protein. Faster absorption and the most incredible results in one supplement, guaranteeing 3 0G protein and 463g Bcaa per dose! after training , during the day or according to the prescription of A nutritionist. Ingredients : Isolated hydrolyzed oil serum, flavoring, thickening xanthan gum and swelling sucralose. Do not contain gluten.

How to consume Hydrolysis®?

Add a spoon measured (35 g) from Hydrolysis® in 150ml of water, according to the desired consistency, and consume once a day or according to the guidance of a specialized professional. Your consumption must be associated with a balanced diet and healthy life habits.

whey protein

One of the most consumed supplements in the world currently by various areas in sports as well as clinical nutrition, derived from whey, better known as Whey Protein, ensures high biological value protein with muscle maintenance objectives, assisting in anabolism and Recovery of muscle fibers of practitioners of physical activities in general even in patients who require a enteral diet.

The products obtained from serum are classified according to their degree of processing, such as: concentrated, isolated and hydrolyzed proteins.

SRO - a refining process that removes contaminants using water pressure to force molecules through a semipermeable membrane. During this process, contaminants are filtered and washed, leaving the protein pure.

Whey hydrolyzed protein

Whey hydrolyzed protein is a naturally supplement with 90% purity in the product as it is generated by the 'break' of the protein by hydrolysis, generating peptides, being indicated for lactose or allergic protein.