HOLY WHEY® - Concentrated Whey Protein - 2LB - 907g

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A Black Skull Us ™ Holy Whey®  is a whey concentrated and microfiltrate  Spirofue Reverse osmosis filtration (sro)  Presenting 29g of protein, 6.3g of BCAA in the dosage. A high biological value whey protein that will assist you in recovery and the lean mass gain ! The Holy Whey ™ will be the pure protein, no artificial flavors, no artificial colors! You can use it after training, during the day or according to the recommendation of a nutritionist. Our Saint Whey every day! Ingredients:  Concentrated milk serum protein. Do not contain gluten. 
How to consume HOLY WHEY®
Mix 1 spoon measured (36G) from Holy Whey®  at 120ml to 180ml of water, according to the desired consistency, and consume once a day or according to the guidance of a specialized professional. 
Whey protein concentrated 
As quoted above, when these nutrients are removed, the product is a release with less impurities and with more whey of milk, that is, now we have whey protein in concentrated form. Whey Protein concentrate usually contains 40% to 80% high-value biological protein that provides important amino acids for muscle hypertrophy, facilitates building muscle tissue, being recommended for nutrition during the day.