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A GLUTAMINE TURBO® BLACKSKULL™ Line is a supplement that provides, 2.5g of L-glutamine by dose  to support your Health in training or physical efforts. More 2.5g of maltodextrin , to reset the muscle glycogen and promote energy increase . Studies prove that the fall of nutrients is directly related to physical or mental stress as well as drastic changes which we are exposed (example, climate). Therefore, supplementing with L-glutamine is key to keeping well for daily challenges. Consumption can be recommended throughout the day. Ingredients: glutamine and maltodextrin. Gluten free.
How to use it?
Add 1 teaspoon (5G) from Glutamine Turbo® in 150ml of water and consume once a day. Important that your consumption is associated with balanced diet. 
GLUTAMINEGlutamine is an essential amino acid, which mainly serves to improve intestinal functions and ensure a good functioning of the immune system, has anticatabolic action, as well as being very important for a normal functioning of various fabrics of the body. The glutamine of the muscles is released to be used by the body as a source of energy, for repair of tissues (muscles, tendons, ligaments, skin), cell growth. 
Maltodextrin is a more carbohydrate complex type, compared to dextrose, being classified as an oligosaccharide, ie a glucose polymer, from the enzymatic conversion of corn starch, formed by monosaccharides attached by glycoside bonds. The concentration of glucose polymers found in this supplement ranges from 5 to 20%. In general, oligosaccharides are known to be resistant to digestive action in humans, however, maltodextrin is an exception, since it is considered a carbohydrate of high glycemic index capable of maintaining glycemic levels. In addition, for being highly soluble in water, maltodextrin is hydrolyzed and absorbed easily, has low osmotic value and neutral flavor. 
Maltodextrin is an interesting supplement to be used by athletes before, during and after physical exercise, with the intention of restoring the muscle glycogen reserves, mainly in prolonged exercises, since, as exercise intensity increases, The use of carbs becomes increasingly important to meet the body's demand.