GLUTAC19 - Glutamine with vitamins and minerals - 300g

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Compound by a exclusive formula , GLUTAC19®  is an excellent option for strengthen the immune system! It contains glutamine, an amino acid that, according to the IOC (International Olympic Committee) serves as power source for immune cells, thus favoring immunity. In addition, this supplement also has high concentration of vitamins and minerals which support the immune system, thus increasing the resistance of the organism at various types of viruses. 
l-glutamine, ascorbic acid, magnesium bisglicinate, dl-alphatocoferol, powder garlic, zinc oxide, colecalciferol, sweet powder, acidulant citric acid, antipetting silicon dioxide, flavoring, sweeting sucralose and artificial dyes TARTRAZINE AND RED 40. 
allergic: may contain peanuts and soy derivatives, milk, egg and wheat, does not contain lactose. Contains gluten.
Gluta C19® how to tuse it: 
Mix 2 tablespoons measured (10g) of C19® gluta in 150ml of water. Take once a day or according to medical or nutritionist orientation. Recommendation for adults over 19 years of age. 
Learn more about product composition: 
Glutamine Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid of the human body, serving as energy source for gastrointestinal tract cells, kidney, liver, enterocytes (intestinal cells) and immune cells (T lymphocytes, macrophages). In addition, it serves as a fundamental substrate for glutathione synthesis, a very important intracellular antioxidant.Thus, maintaining adequate concentrations of this amino acid is essential for the maintenance of various cellular functions, thus favoring the maintenance of health. 

Vitamins and minerals
Vitamins and minerals are fundamental nutrients for the proper functioning of the organism, especially in the strengthening of the immune system. In addition, vitamin C, vitamin E and zinc, present potent antioxidant action, assisting in combating damage caused by free radicals.
Vitamin C also helps in collagen formation  and in iron absorption of food, while vitamin D increases the calcium absorption and phosphorus contributes to the bone formation and teeth, in addition to assisting in the muscle operation  and maintaining calcium levels in the blood. 
MAGNESIO is extremely important for the muscle and neuromuscular operation , in addition to participating in the energy metabolism, in the electrolyte balance and in the Cell division. In addition, it is an indispensable mineral for bone and teeth formation .
Rich in bioactive compounds, especially Alicine , garlic has potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory action , being a great ally of our health and the immune system. 

Glutamine and immune system. Brazilian Journal of Functional Clinical Nutrition - Year 14, # 61, 2014.