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Dextrose® BLACKSKULL USA™ use is simple, a carbohydrate base supplement, dextrose is absorbed Quickly by the body and works to increase glycogen levels in the bloodstream to promote fast power, recovery  and muscle growth. Ingredes:dextrose. Do not contain gluten. 
How to consume DEXTROSE®
Add 4 tablespoons (approx. 40g) in 200ml to 300ml of water, or according to the desired consistency, once a day or according to the orientation of a nutritionist. Important that your consumption is associated with a balanced diet.
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Dextrose is the best known type of carbs, the monosaccharides . Are fundamental carbohydrates for other types of carbs, such as maltodextrin, maltose, among others, as they make up their chemical structure, as well as being one of the main energy sources  virtually all forms of life. 
It can be said that dextrose, by containing simple carbohydrates in your composition, is of considerable importance for practitioners of physical exercise, since carbohydrates have as main function Prover Energy for the body  and, in this way, prevent situations of fatigue, cramps and muscle burning. Your use is Recommended before, during and after exercise.  Before exercise, Dextrose has the ability to promote a Energy reserve in gastrointestinal lumen, which will be used in the course of exercise, in order to prevent or delay some changes such as homeostatic disorders.
During the practice of long-term exercises, the dextrose consumption is recommended for each hour of exercise, in order to prevent hypoglycemia , fatigue and depletion of glycogen. Post-exercise is a relevant moment to consume dextrose, since the body is stimulated for the glucose capture  (window of opportunity), due to muscle contraction and, as dextrose is a type of high glycemic carb, it may favor hipertrophy, because food with high glycemic index promote greater incorporation of glucose in the form of glycogen.