CREATINE pre-workout + caffeine + shaker

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This combo consists of: 
A Creatine Turbo 150g, a Caffeine 60 capsules and a Black Skull shaker. 
Creatine turbo strong
Ingredients: Creatine monohydrate and maltodextrin. It does not contain gluten. Mode of use: 1 ¼ teaspoon (6g) in 150ml of water once a day. 
Ingredients: Anhydrous caffeine, karthy oil (vehicle), microcrystalline cellulose stabilizer, antipetting silicon dioxide, inorganic dye titanium dioxide, and artificial artificial indigotine dyes, bright blue, yellow twilight and red 40. Does not contain gluten.  Mode of Use: Ingesting 1 capsules once a day, one hour before exercise. * Picture of the shaker is merely illustrative, can happen variations in the layout