CREATINE - Creatine Monohydrate - Refill 1kg

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A Creatine®  Black Skull Uses ™ Black Skull Skull Skull line is the strength you need within a supplement. This is because Creatine provides more energy  during training, in addition to helping in increasing physical performance during short-term and high intensity repeated exercises and contributing in the muscle hypertrophy. Adaptations of chronic training include lean mass gains and improvements in muscle strength. Ingredients:  Creatine monohydrate. Do not contain gluten. 
How to consume? 
Add ½ teaspoon (approx. 3g) from Creatine® in 150ml of water and consume once a day or according to a nutritionist's recommendation. Important that your consumption is associated with balanced diet. 
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Creatine is a compound of  amino acid created by kidneys , liver and pancreas, by means of arginine amino acids and glycine , gifts in food with meat and fish , being every 2 pounds of beef , has 5g  creatine. Using this supplement has always been high in the market due to its temporary energy strengthening function , strength increase  and promotes hypertrophy due to the increase of strength and training volume.