Combo WHEY3HD Gourmet Black Skull 900g - 4 Units

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This combo contains: 
4 units of whey 3hd gourmet 900g, in the flavors black forest, Milk Ice Cream, Chocolat Flake Ice Cream, Lemon Pie, and Cherry-Dark Chocolate. 
WHEY3HD Ingredients: Milk Serum Concentrated Protein, Isolated Milk Serum Protein, Hydrolyzed Milk Serum Protein, Flavoring, Thickener Xanthan Gum, Sweetness Sucralose and Potassium Accessulfame. It does not contain gluten. Mode of use: Mix 3 tablespoons (approx 30g) in 150ml of water, or according to the desired consistency once a day.