Collagen Plus Powder + 2x Mega Hair

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This kit contains:

1 Collagen Plus Powder Unit 216g and 2 Mega Hair Units 60 capsules.

Collagen +

Collagen + powder ingredients:

peptide collagen, polydexthose, acerola powder, hyaluronate, orthosilic acid stabilized in hill chloride, zinc aspartate chelate, ascorbic acid, d-alpha-tocopherol acetate, selenomethionine, pyridoxine hydrochloride, biotin, acidulant citric acid Flavoring, antipetting silicon dioxide, dye Urucum and sweetening Esteviol glycosides. It does not contain lactose, contains gluten.

Consumer mode:

Dilute 1 SCOOP (12G) in 150ml of water once a day. Recommendations for adults over 19 years of age.

mega hair

Mega Hair Ingredients:

glycine, proline, methionine, n-acetyl-cysteine, folic acid, ascorbic acid, quelate zinc aspartate, d-panthenol (pantothenic acid), D-biotin, orthosilic acid stabilized in hill chloride, microcrystalline cellulose stabilizer, Antiumectant silicon dioxide and magnesium stearate. Capsule ingredients: Gelatin and inorganic dye coating Titanium dioxide and bright blue artificial dyes FCF and erythrosin. It does not contain lactose. Contains gluten.

Consumer mode:

ingesting 3 capsules (2.3g) once a day. Recommendation for adults over 19 years of age.