CARNITINE - 60 capsules

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carnitine capsules ® from Black Skull USA is a L-carnitine-based supplement in capsules, a substance capable of performing various functions In our body, being a good pre-training option!
Carnitine Capsules ingredients 
L-carnitine. Other ingredients: water, glycerin, hydroxypropylmethylcellulose and artificial dyes yellow twilight, bright blue and red 40. Does not contain gluten.
How to consume carnitine capsules  ®
Ingesting 2 Carnitine Capsules Capsules ®  once a day or as an enabled professional guidance. It is important that your consumption is allied to healthy lifestyle habits and balanced diet. 
Although classified as an amino acid, L-carnitine is actually a compound similar to an amino acid and a vitamin. Formed in the liver and kidneys from the methionine and lysine amino acids, L-carnitine remains stored in several tissues, including muscle. One of the main functions of L-carnitine in the body is to participate in the metabolism of fats, transporting fatty acids to mitochondria, cellular structures responsible for energy production. Basically, L-carnitine ensures that fat (in addition to carbohydrates) is used to generate energy for the organism.  In addition, as it stimulates a secondary line of energy production, L-carnitine ends up sparing the muscle glycogen reserves, which translates into greater muscle strength during strength training. In addition to already obtained through food, it is possible to make a 2G supplementation of the nutrient per day. Although the best time to take L-Carnitine is before training, there is no specific time to take the supplement.