BLACKSKULL Mask - Combo C / 10 Units

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This combo consists of: 
- 2 units of black masks, 2 white mask units, 2 orange mask units, 2 urban camouflaged masks and 2 units of jungle camouflaged masks. 
About BLACKSKULL Masks  
In addition to the exclusive skull design, the Black Skull Sports Mask  is made with two layers of fabric, being: polyester Dry anti-bactericide, offering greater durability, comfort and mainly safety. It has measure 20x13cm and 14cm elastic. 
How to use the mask correctly? 
When using the mask, make sure to fully cover the mouth and nose and well adjusted to the face without leaving spaces on the sides. In addition, its use is individual, so, nothing to share your mask with other people. 
Wash care 
The ideal is that the mask is washed by hand and with neutral soap. In addition, it is important to dry with plenty of ventilation, preferably in the sun. 
At the time of passing, use hot iron, covering with a 100% cotton fabric .