HANNIBAL - Beef Protein Hydrolyzed - 2kg

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Hannibal ® Black Skull USA ™ is formulated exclusively with the insulated and hydrolyzed ultrafed meat protein , made through nanotechnology . Hannibal is a beef protein that provides 31g of portion proteins , assisting in the construction of the muscles . Best of all is that the Hannibal® is zero fat and low carbo! Your results will be maximized with Hannibal®! Recommended consumption after training, during the day or according to the nutritionist. Ingredients: Hydrolyzed meat protein, cocoa powder, flavoring, thickening Xantana gum and Swearing Sucralose. 
How to consume? 
Mix 1 spoon measured (35g) at 120ml to 180ml of water, according to the desired consistency, and consume once a day or according to the orientation of a nutritionist. Important that your consumption is associated with a balanced diet. 
Beef protein (meat protein) 
The beef protein, best known as the meat protein , which goes through process of refining and purity , no hormones , No antibiotics , if making insulated and 100% hydrolyzed beef is obtained through purification process , without the use of chemicals, and hydrolysis with monitored pressure and temperature conditions involving filtration , drying and spraying . As a result, BEEF Protein becomes a High Protein (gt; 97% protein) and low amounts of fat , cholesterol and sodium, with a large percentages of Creatine precursor amino acids ( arginine, glycine and methionine ) in addition to branched chain amino acids (BCAA) Available in the form of peptides that provides high digestibility and absorption capacity where the beef protein is recommended for intolerant athletes / patients Lactose.